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Personalized Adaptive Learning Systems: From Simple Facts to Complex Materials

Adaptive learning systems like MemoryLab have changed the way we learn, by tailoring digital learning sessions to the needs of individual learners. To date, such systems have been particularly helpful in memorizing vocabulary and factual knowledge. In a recent collaboration with Hogeschooltaal, a publisher of language learning materials for applied university education in the Netherlands, […]

MemoryLab’s new Model-Based Mastery algorithm helps students learn faster

Chart showing trials to reach mastery are lower Model-based mastery compared to optimal spacing

Adaptive learning systems can redefine learning experiences by shaping education to individual needs, optimizing student performance. Within this landscape, MemoryLab has recently introduced the Model-Based Mastery (MBM) algorithm, which strategically excludes sufficiently studied facts from repetition schedules, increasing learning efficiency. In this blog post I delve into our comparative analysis of the MBM algorithm versus […]

Building TafelTrainer #4: Evaluating learner performance in the Multiplication Trainer 

In the previous blog posts, we gave an insight in the process of designing and developing the Multiplication Trainer, a multiplication app that can help learners to automatise multiplications through repeated retrieval practice. As part of the design and implementation process, we conducted a pilot to test the system in over 500 primary school students. […]

Building TafelTrainer #2: Classroom pilot

Empty classroom

Engaging in usability testing with younger users demands a careful and considerate approach, especially when working with children. The primary goal of usability testing is to have users interact with your product, allowing close observation of their navigation through a set of tasks. In this way you can test the functionality of your product. In […]

Building TafelTrainer #1: Usability Testing

TafelTrainer screenshot with a multiplication being answered incorrectly

Usability testing plays a crucial role in the product creation journey. Conducting usability testing sheds light on understanding whether your users find your product easy and intuitive to use, making it an essential skill for every UX designer in their daily jobs. In this blog, I will cover my personal experience in conducting testing of […]

How you can use retrieval practice strategies to study more effectively

World map with employee image and title "How I learned all 197 countries in 1 week - Retrieval practice"

Imagine you have just finished reading through your study material. Now, as you sit there with the knowledge fresh in your mind, consider this: How do you ensure it stays with you when you need it most? This blog will argue that the short answer is retrieval practice – the art of actively trying to […]

Effective Study Strategies #2: Taking advantage of testing and spacing effects

Student making notes

In the preceding blog post we shed light on common pitfalls for students while studying. It became evident that relying on last-minute cramming for an upcoming exam is suboptimal. Instead, effective time management and finding a suitable study environment are essential components of successful studying. This brings us to the next step of our guide […]

Effective Study Strategies: Common Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

Plant on desk with notebook

Preparing for an exam is a stressful process. You might find yourself asking questions like am I using my time wisely? Is this the right thing to do? and what should I be doing differently? Finding straight answers to these questions can be difficult. Misconceptions about effective study habits are common, and they can lead […]

Flashcard Fundamentals #3: Generating Flashcards using AI


The previous blog posts in this series provided practical guidance for creating effective flashcards. Retrieval practice with well-designed flashcards is one of the best ways to learn and remember factual information. The process of making good flashcards can be quite time-consuming, however. Manually putting together a list of foreign-language vocabulary items and their translations, or […]

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