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Child-Friendly Privacy Policy for Times Tables by MemoryLab

This is a simple explanation of our Privacy Policy for Times Tables by MemoryLab – it’s like a rulebook for how we use the information you give us when you use MemoryLab.

What is MemoryLab?

MemoryLab is a tool that helps you learn better. It’s made by a company called SlimStampen BV in the Netherlands. If you ever want to ask us something, you can email us at

What Do We Do With Your Information?

  • Learning Information: We keep track of how you answer questions and how long it takes. This helps us make MemoryLab better for you and other kids.
  • No Personal Information: We don’t keep your name, where you live, or any other personal stuff. That’s a promise!
  • AppleID: You need an AppleID to use MemoryLab. We don’t tell anyone else about your AppleID.
  • No Talking to Others: You can’t talk to other kids through MemoryLab. 
  • No Sensitive Information: We don’t collect information about your race, religion, or health.

How We Use Your Learning Info

  • To Help You Learn: We use your answers to make learning with MemoryLab better.
  • To Keep MemoryLab Working Well: We check how you use MemoryLab to make it better and fix any problems.
  • Safe and Anonymous: We don’t let anyone know it’s you from your answers. Sometimes, we use the information to help understand learning in general, but no one will know it’s about you.

Keeping Your Information Safe

  • No Sharing: We don’t give your learning info to other companies.
  • Microsoft Azure: We use a service called Microsoft Azure to keep your learning info safe. They don’t use your info for anything else.
  • Data Protection: Your info might be stored in different countries, but we make sure it’s always safe.

Your Rights

  • Know Your Information: You can ask us if we have your information and we can show it to you if it’s safe.
  • Make Changes: If something’s wrong with your information, you can fix it.
  • Say No: You can tell us to stop using your information for a while.
  • Take Your Info: You can ask us to send your information to you or someone else.
  • Say Goodbye: You can ask us to delete your information or stop using it.

How Long Do We Keep Your Information?

We only keep your learning information as long as we need it to help you learn with MemoryLab. Once you don’t use MemoryLab anymore, we don’t keep your learning info for long.

What If We Change These Rules?

If we change how we use your info, we’ll tell you about it. Always check to see if anything’s new!


If you have any questions about your privacy or how we use your info, just send us an email at

Last Updated: January 10, 2024

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