Higher grades with MemoryLab

MemoryLab calculates how you learn best, to present facts at your pace. With this, MemoryLab creates the optimal personal learning strategy for you. With MemoryLab you get grades that are up to one grade point higher compared to other non-adaptive learning methods.

How do I use Memory Lab?

Getting started with MemoryLab is very easy:

Register on our app by going to my.memorylab.app .

Follow the steps on the screen to create an account

Create a lesson, or open someone else's lesson in the library, and start learning! 

While learning you will always see a question, such as a word or picture. You can then choose or type in an answer. Memory Lab works a bit like a traditional quiz in that respect, but with a few key improvements that make learning more efficient and effective!

How does it work?

When you start a lesson, you will first see a question with an answer. Subsequently, you can answer yourself. After answering you will get feedback as to whether you got it right and what the correct answer was.

With every answer you give, MemoryLab looks at which questions you already answered correctly, where you still seem to have doubts and which questions you haven't quite mastered yet. MemoryLab then estimates which question you can best practice by looking at which question you are almost going to forget. Then you will see the question that helps you learn best and fastest!

Collect all the lesson's crowns and track your progress

You can always see how well you already know the material and how much progress you have made, because the app keeps track of what you have learned and what you have mastered. 

Practice what you find difficult

In addition, there is also an opportunity to practice the twenty questions from the lesson group that are the most difficult for you at that moment. After practicing these you won't encounter as many difficulties the next time you practice a specific lesson with those questions. 


MemoryLab is a digital tool for learning words and concepts. It uses an adaptive learning algorithm developed at the University of Groningen (RUG)

Students choose a lesson and are then shown one of the facts from that lesson. The first time they are offered the answer, after that it is up to them to choose the correct answer, type or speak. After each item, the student receives feedback. 

Learn more efficiently with the algorithm

The algorithm adapts to the student and each time presents the item that will help the student learn most efficiently. Based on data collected at each practice moment of a fact, the algorithm can calculate how long it will take for a certain fact to be forgotten. On the basis of this, it decides to present a fact again just before it is forgotten. By prioritizing facts that are almost forgotten and keeping track of the individual's learning process, the algorithm can determine when new facts should be introduced. 

Teacher screen

In the teacher screen you can see for each student to what extent they master the material of the different lessons or weeks. For example, MemoryLab provides an individual approach, in which the overview is maintained for you as a teacher.

Creating a lesson

There are several options for the lessons you put together. You can put both the questions and answers in text, but images and audio files are also possible for both the question and the answer. You can also opt for multiple choice questions, or questions where the student has to type in the answer himself. If you want to see more options, see the 'How it works' page.



Everything you need to know about MemoryLab.
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Everyone can use MemoryLab for free for personal use. Try MemoryLab now mijn.slimstampen.nl. Would you like to use MemoryLab in your organization or institution? Then take a look our solutions.

MemoryLab is free for personal use. The cost of using MemoryLab depends on what parts of the system you want to use, what you want to use it for, and how many people will be using it. Want to know more? Then take a look at our solutions.

Yes, MemoryLab is used at every level of education, from primary school to university. Contact us about the possibilities.

MemoryLab can be used to learn factual knowledge at school, at your company and at home.

MemoryLab is best suited for learning factual information such as vocabulary, concepts or topography. For more information, take a look at our guidelines for creating items.

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