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MemoryLab leads €300.000 NOLAI Co-Creation Project to Replace Traditional Knowledge Tests

MemoryLab collaborates with the Montessori Scholen Amsterdam (MSA, including Berry Bock and Marijn van der Meer of METIS) and the University of Utrecht (including Dr. Gesa van den Broek) on an innovative AI-based education project funded by NOLAI (Nationaal Onderwijslab AI ).

The focus of this co-creation project is to revolutionize the assessment of learning and bring about a positive change in the education system. With input from teachers, scientists, students, and AI experts, we will develop an alternative to traditional factual-knowledge exams prevalent in secondary education. Thus, the project's mission is to work towards replacing knowledge tests with a more effective and comprehensive approach that assesses knowledge levels during learning and improves long-term knowledge retention.

Memory Lab's Mastery Credit System:

We're excited to implement the innovative MemoryLab AI-based Mastery Credit System in this project. Students earn Mastery Credits by demonstrating their proficiency while learning the materials. As only a single Mastery Credit can be obtained per day, and multiple Mastery Credits need to be obtained per topic, students will distribute their learning sessions. Using this system, students do not need to “cram for a test”, but instead schedule their learning to yield better long-term retention.

Moreover, as no normative evaluation is needed, this new approach addresses test anxiety by alleviating the pressures associated with high-stakes exams and provides students with ongoing feedback and opportunities to improve.

Furthermore, educators gain valuable data insights from the Mastery Credit System, allowing them to identify areas where additional support is needed, and tailor their instructional methods to better support student learning. Overall, this novel approach ensures long-term retention beyond the exam date.

Fields of Application:

The versatility of our project makes it applicable to a wide range of subjects, including languages, geography, physics, biology, and more. Our goal is to customize the system to meet each subject's unique requirements, enriching the educational experience for both students and teachers.

The Journey Ahead:

With the grant secured, the project will officially kick off at the start of the new academic year. Over the next three years, we'll work closely with schools, educators, scientists, and students to create a student-centric learning environment.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey to shape the future of education and foster a deeper understanding of knowledge and learning. MemoryLab is committed to making a lasting impact on the educational landscape, one that embraces innovation and research-driven approaches.

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