University of Washington uses MemoryLab to help diagnose people with early MCI

At MemoryLab we have a longstanding collaboration with Andrea Stocco's research group at the University of Washington. Holly Hake, a PhD student in Andrea's group, recently published an award-winning paper about her research on using MemoryLab as an accessible and fast tool to help diagnose people with early Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). She had elderly […]

MemoryLab Secures Significant Investment to Advance Global Expansion

RUG Ventures and G-Force Capital are investing in the further international expansion of MemoryLab in the adaptive learning technology market. Groningen, The Netherlands – July 18, 2023 – MemoryLab, a company specializing in adaptive learning and test-free assessment, is pleased to announce that it has received an investment of €575,000 from RUG Ventures and G-Force Capital. This significant […]

Project Memory Meter

With SlimStampen you learn faster, more effectively and smarter. Based on the latest scientific insights in learning and learning technology, SlimStampen calculates the individual learning process for each user and creates the optimized learning strategy. In addition to using the SlimStampen algorithm for more efficient learning, we are investigating various other possibilities […]

We are now MemoryLab (formerly SlimStampen). This change reflects our vision to expand our reach globally and contribute to educational research. Read more

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