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With MemoryLab's adaptive learning system you spend your learning time optimally.

Based on the latest scientific insights in learning and learning technology, MemoryLab calculates the individual learning process for each user and creates the optimized learning strategy.

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Why Memory Lab?

Because the MemoryLab model learns facts more efficiently and can replace other testing methods

Learn more in less time

Scientific studies show that MemoryLab clearly outperforms other learning methods

The MemoryLab method is based on scientific research in cognitive psychology. Several studies show that learning with the MemoryLab system leads to better results compared to non-adaptive learning methods: the efficiency increases up to 10%. This way, students never spend more time learning facts than necessary.

Learning benefits MemoryLab compared to other learning algorithms

Eliminates the need for traditional testing methods

MemoryLab can replace traditional testing methods

Memory Lab tracks exactly how much a student has mastered the facts while learning, instead of taking a snapshot. MemoryLab thus provides better insight into the knowledge level of the student than a traditional test.

What do users say about MemoryLab?

In conversation with Shirley, Marijn and Oscar

MemoryLab can be used in many different places in education. In this video, users in secondary education tell about their experiences with MemoryLab and the product they use: SlimStampen.

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What can SlimStampen be used for?

SlimStampen is suitable for learning factual knowledge in many different ways, such as:


Learn words and phrases in all languages.


Learn definitions of terms from your own teaching materials.


Using pictures to learn things like anatomy.


Learn countries, cities and towns.


Audio clips and speaking to practice pronunciation.


Combine these methods with your own creativity.


Using pictures to learn things like anatomy.


Combine these methods with your own creativity.

How does it work?

MemoryLab creates a computer model of memory for each student.

Maintaining learning data in an internal computer model

With this data, the system estimates the activation of a fact in memory, and how likely it is that the student will remember the fact later.

Calculating activation

MemoryLab tracks how quickly and how accurately the student answers questions.

The faster a student can give a correct answer, the greater the activation of the fact in memory. Therefore, the learner is more likely to have remembered the fact.

Repeat information when you are about to forget it

Facts that the student does not yet know very well are repeated faster and more often by the MemoryLab system than facts that the student already knows well. This results in a learning process that is optimal for each individual student.

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Memory Lab is free for personal use. You can also purchase it for your school, company or business.

The cost of using MemoryLab depends on what parts of the system you want to use, what you want to use it for, and how many people will be using it.

Yes, MemoryLab is used at every level of education, from primary school to university. Contact us about the possibilities.

MemoryLab has the option to certify your employees for onboarding or knowledge maintenance. In addition, all ways of imparting factual knowledge to your employees are optimally supported by MemoryLab.
It is possible to use your own front-end and use the MemoryLab API in the background. In addition, you can use the MemoryLab front-end. We also offer a company-personalized experience.

MemoryLab can be used to learn factual knowledge at school, at your company and at home.

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