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Personalized Adaptive Learning Systems: From Simple Facts to Complex Materials

Adaptive learning systems like MemoryLab have changed the way we learn, by tailoring digital learning sessions to the needs of individual learners. To date, such systems have been particularly helpful in memorizing vocabulary and factual knowledge. In a recent collaboration with Hogeschooltaal, a publisher of language learning materials for applied university education in the Netherlands, […]

Building TafelTrainer #4: Evaluating learner performance in the Multiplication Trainer 

In the previous blog posts, we gave an insight in the process of designing and developing the Multiplication Trainer, a multiplication app that can help learners to automatise multiplications through repeated retrieval practice. As part of the design and implementation process, we conducted a pilot to test the system in over 500 primary school students. […]

Vocal Vantage: Is Automatic Speech Technology Changing Education?

Person screaming in microphone

Today, talking to your computer is no longer reserved for science fiction movies or imaginary friends. The development of deep learning technologies and the fast increase of computation power has paved the way for the emergence of a technology that allows human speech to be processed into a written format by a computer in real […]

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