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MemoryLab, ETS Global en de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen ontvangen een subsidie van de Europese Unie voor het ontwikkelen van gepersonaliseerde, adaptieve en inclusieve kennisevaluatie- en leeromgevingen

MemoryLab, ETS Global en de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen hebben een valorisatiesubsidie ontvangen van het SNN (Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland) om een gepersonaliseerde, adaptieve en inclusieve digitale omgeving te ontwikkelen voor het leren en evalueren van kennis. Het drie jaar durende project richt zich op het ontwikkelen, valideren en demonstreren van een adaptief systeem voor het leren van feitelijke […]

Flashcard Fundamentals #3: Generating Flashcards using AI


The previous blog posts in this series provided practical guidance for creating effective flashcards. Retrieval practice with well-designed flashcards is one of the best ways to learn and remember factual information. The process of making good flashcards can be quite time-consuming, however. Manually putting together a list of foreign-language vocabulary items and their translations, or […]

Adaptive Learning in Educational Practice: More than an Engineering Challenge

Primary school student practicing with MemoryLab

Adaptive learning systems are a prime example of applied cognitive science. They implement theories of cognition in computational models, these models enable a quantified interpretation of learners’ behaviour, and this interpretation is used to shape the learning experience. Using these systems in real-world educational settings confronts us with new questions about whether technological solutions developed […]

Making sense of the memorability of second-language vocabulary items

Rate of forgetting heatmap for English vocabulary items

When you learn a new language, you’ll find that some of the new vocabulary is easy to memorise, and some of it more difficult. In several recent studies we looked at retrieval practice data from Dutch secondary school students learning English and French words and phrases (van der Velde et al., 2021, 2023). In one […]

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